Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sunset silhouette

This is another piece of art that I did years ago (yes I've been rummaging again!). I did a night-school class in watercolour painting at Bridgnorth College & learned some excellent things but this was an experiment of my own. I have always loved sunsets & will stop everything to watch the mother nature paint fantastic colours in the sky!

I used to hoard old calendars because they have some amazing landscapes & wildlife shots that I intended to copy/paint one day - it was a favourite thing of my Grandads too. I was messing about with making up a sunset when I thought it would be great to have something in silhouette to show the colours up. The photo of a cathedral & in particular its spires caught my eye.

The painting hasn't scanned well as the sky has a lot more pink in it but you see the idea! I loved it & I'm so pleased I've kept this when I've had clearouts over the years.
Thanks for looking


  1. Wow, that's amazing :-) My one and only experiment with watercolour was NOT a success lol! We hung it in a dark corner for a while but it's long since been consigned to the dustbin!

  2. Beautiful! I really love silhouettes.


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