Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pass The Book!

Ok so it really is time I let this fabulous book go on its way! I do hope the next recipient will be just as happy with this book as I have been to have it in my life. Some of it just wasn't "me" but other parts really spoke to me & revealed an awful lot about how I see myself and the world around me.

Inner Excavations by Liz Lamoreux started its journey around the world with Sian in her blog
From High In The Sky in January of this year and I am the 4th person to own it (albeit briefly). From Sian in Ireland its been to the South Coast of England and then over to the USA for two lucky readers before coming back over the pond to me in Shropshire!

Would you like to be the next reader/borrower? Let me know in the comments section below or send me an email at hethpet@gmail.com & I will add your name to the draw. I hope to make the draw on Wednesday 3rd August so that gives  you 7 days to enter :)

And yes I will post it to anywhere in the world!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

In my garden today......

..... I was idly re-reading parts of "Inner Excavations" before I 'Pass The Book'
on to the next lucky recipient. I decided to do a few quick snapshots of
 my garden in the beautiful sunshine we have today.
This is quite photo-heavy so please bear with me!!

 We have been waiting patiently for this lily plant to flower (its companion has bloomed ages ago!)
The hippo is a friend from long ago when I collected hippos in all shapes & sizes!!

 Fuchsias are so so pretty don't you think?

 This is a favourite corner of the garden and I put this photo
on picnic & used the 'cross process' effect

Also waiting patiently .....actually very impatiently......
for these tomatoes to ripen up!!

Flo having a dust bath!
This will soon be a rockery/desert garden with lots
 of stones & drought loving plants

The sunflower that mysteriously appeared ..... presumably a seed was dropped by a bird!

Flo taking it easy on the trampoline after all that hard work taking a dustbath
Jake rarely uses the trampoline as he has a phobia of spiders
 & other creatures so she is very safe on here!

I hope you enjoyed your tour ..... I did :)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Upcycled boxes :)

Its that time of year again when  parents Mums go through agonies trying to decide what present to buy for their little darlings' teacher to say thankyou for their hardwork & dedication. Its almost like an awards ceremony!! I should know. The shop I work in has seen many frazzled & frustrated Mums (Dads don't seem to partake in this particular pastime) desperately seeking inspiration for a suitable gift! We have the usual Thankyou Teacher cards & gifts that come in every year but some customers prefer to buy a piece of jewellery or a Willowtree figurine. Well I'm sorry but I don't agree with spending huge amounts of money for my childs teacher. I wouldn't want to do their job for all the tea in China ..... but it is their career choice & they get paid to do it. So why do some parents feel that they have to get such extravagant gifts? I really don't want to upset anyone by this post by-the-way.... but its something thats bugging me & I need to share :-0

Aaaaanyway ..... I had to come up with 4 gifts for Jake to give out. One for his teacher, one for his helper, one for the classroom assistant and one for the lady who runs the Breakfast Club. Phew!!
I had been given some old "Carte Blanche" gift boxes that had been 'written off' from work and decided to have a go at making them more personal.

the box on the right is the original 'old' box

 As the glue dried they began to look great but I made the mistake of trying one of the lids on too soon. I had to start again with that one! I am going to buy some special chocs to go in the boxes & probably put a little tag on too. I know the teachers will love these as a gift & they also get to use the box as a pencil/pen pot :) Result!

Do you spend loads on teachers gifts or are you a 'make do & mend' kinda gal like me?
If you are in the teaching profession have I put my foot in it?
I seriously would hate anyone to think I'm being less than grateful :(


ETA oops I forgot to say the fairy hearts were cut from a Juicy Lucy calendar :)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Blooming marvelous!!!

Yesterday we held a fundraising "Blooming Great Tea Party" in aid of the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity.

I haven't baked a cake in years.

Yesterday I baked 3 ...... and some biscuits!!!! I used Jackys Semolina Biscuits recipe for the first time and they were so lovely. Thanks Jacky but I cannot for the life of me find the recipe on your blog! can you post the link in the comments? Sorry :(

I also made a chocolate marble cake, a victoria sandwich cake and some fairy cakes made from the same recipe. Neil made a carrot cake and he & Jake had made some other cakes the day before when I was at work.
Phew!!! They looked good don't you think?

We also had fun decorating the garden with bunting & putting out picnic blankets & cushions. The charity send a party pack of balloons, invites, posters & little collection boxes to leave on the table for any contributions.

Such hard work!!!


Love the shadows ;)

It was a long hard day but i really enjoyed it - especially realising how easy it is to bake a cake!!
Unfortunately Neil had to sleep off a migraine but being as most people didn't bother to turn up he
didn't miss a lot. I'm quite cross with a lot of those who said 'yes they were coming & really looking forward to it'. Including two girls from work!! Its a good job I've got a couple more days off to cool down otherwise I might say something I regret! My manager came after work & she took a lot of goodies back with her to take to work today as our Area Manager is due in & she always loves a cake lol. Between the guests that did come & those who sent donations with apologies for being unable to make it we raised £65 which is ok I suppose ....... but I was hoping for so much more :(
Oh well onwards & upwards as they say! Now where's my 'British stiff upper lip' gone?

ETA this is the recipe :)
6oz semolina
4 1/2 oz self raising flour
3 1/2 oz caster sugar
7 1/2 oz butter or margerine

mix all ingredients into a dough
roll out & cut into shapes
bake 180c/gas 4/350f for 10-15 mins
but watch oven as they can get overcooked!