Friday, 31 May 2013

Just a Quote For Friday

My blog-friend Deb at Paper Turtle has been posting a quote on a Friday for quite some time.
Just a simple quote often accompanied by a photo of something in her garden (sorry back yard!) or of her dog or one of her turtles.
A thought rather than a story.
So when she suggested that maybe people would like to join her today and take one her favourite photos and add a quote and maybe a bit of photo editing well I think I was one of the first to send her an email saying "yes please!!"
The photo in question is one of Debs patio umbrella. I found a suitable quote and then on Picmonkey I added it to the photo. Just a couple of 'tweaks' and it was done.

I love the sunflare!

Friday, 17 May 2013

" about a swap of small things?
Let's fill something small with as many
tiny things as we can fit in and send it on..."

A few weeks back Sian at From High In The Sky blog had a lovely idea for people to share their stash of useful small 'things' that any papercrafter could find a use for. The really good thing was that it should be kept small so that it stayed intimate and special. We each gave to the next person on the list that Sian had of all the participants and I was thrilled to see I was to send my little collection to my old blogfriend Mel at I Speak Melsh (I forgot to take photos!)
So this week I was super excited to recieve my parcel all the way from California from the lovely Rinda at Gallo Organico. I could barely wait long enough to take a couple of pictures before revealing the contents!!

I loved the stamped images on the manilla envelope
ok got the photo ... now get the envelope open!
lots of lovely bits & pieces
Thankyou so much Rinda!! I'm going to have fun with all of this :-) Hopefully it won't be too long before I find some time to spend in my neglected craftroom!

And thankyou too Sian for coming up with this idea - I know there are many happy crafters out there with some new stash to play with lol

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Just a few photos to remind you who we are!!

Jakes 10th birthday in April this year

My Dads 75th birthday in Sept last year (with my S.I.L Tracey)

My stepdaughter Michelle married Gareth in August last year

A very lovely day for a Welsh Wedding!!

snuggles after bathtime - never too old :)

April this year - still only a few degrees above freezing brrrrr!!

goofy photos

Jakes first time at MacDonalds for breakfast mmmm!

me & my brother Peter

Oh yes ..... I celebrated my half century in January eek!

holidays at the beach

igloos in the garden .... well what else are you supposed to do with

day trips (this one was Lichfield)

And lots of cappucinos along the way ;-)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I know I know!!! I have not been blogging for many months but that is about to change ;-)
If I do it correctly I am now claiming this blog from Blogger & should be able to access it (and you should be able to read it) in Bloglovin instead!

Fingers crossed xx