Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I'm sorry.
There I've said it.
I just got overwhelmed in December & could not summon up any enthusiasm whatsover to keep blogging. So I didnt! But now its all over & January is settling in - my least favourite month - and there isnt the sense of urgency & panic everywhere that Christmas always generates. Working in retail always spoils a season - you just get sick of it before everyone else. My Journal Your Christmas didn't get any further than day 1 - I'll have to try harder next year!
For the second year running this country has almost ground to a halt because of snow! I love snow when I am watching it from inside my warm & cosy house. I love snow when there is enough to go out & have fun building snowmen or having snowball fights. I do not love snow when me & my boy have to trudge in our wellies to school. I do not love snow when I have to trudge again to the bus-stop to get to work. I do not love snow when even wearing a pair of tights & 2 pairs of socks I can still feel the icy temperature of the snow beneath my feet!

I took a few photos quickly (on my new camara!) on my way to work at 11am so we had a record of the snowfall. I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted a snowman in the middle of the frozen pool at the bottom of our road. It fills me with dread when I think of what tragedy could have unfolded if the ice had given way under the people - kids? - who foolishly trusted the ice to hold their weight.

And thats my shadow at the bus-stop!
I'm glad I made the effort today to take some photos AND blog about them .... yay!!!!
See you again soon xx


  1. Some great photos....amazing how this country seems to grind to a halt whenever there's snow....all our schools are shut....and even the buses have stopped running!!

  2. Hey, no apologies are required :-) Blogging Without Obligation, remember? ;-)

    Great photos - see, you could do 365 after all.... x


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