Tuesday, 29 June 2010

3 more!!

I really must get used to blogging more often so you don't have to see my LOs all together!
So here are three more

"SHE SAID YES!" This is my own design. The journalling reads
'Thursday 26th June 2010 Whilst celebrating their 3 yr anniversary together Gareth asked the question & Michelle said.............YES!'

"27 AGAIN? ...... IF ONLY!" a photo of me in 1990 aged 27. My own design again

I really enjoyed this layout. I got the colour inspiration from The Colour Room palette #12 and the layout design from Colour Combo challenge #148 where they asked for LOs using any border, trim or scallop.
The boy with the megaphone is cut out from a piece of Fathers Day point of sale from work! Reduce - reuse - recycle :)
Thankyou for looking & bearing with me through the pictures :)
H xx

new layouts

I've been enjoying some renewed creative energy around here just lately!
Here are some new layouts that I would like to share with you.

"OUR GRASS". This was my own design. The journalling round the page reads
'June 2010. At last Jake has some grass to play on. Neil has been working on the garden and laid new turf at the end of May. After a few days of constant watering & frowning over, the grass soon showed new growth!!'

"BIG SIS" Dec 09. Jake & his big sister Michelle who was visiting us from Wales. The colours & design of this LO were from Creative Scrappers #109 .

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Ella & she loved to blow bubbles. But it was very hard work sometimes. Great concentration is required. Ella in Grandma & Grandpas garden May 2010.
The colours & design were from The Colour Room pallette #11
Thankyou for looking & your comments will be gratefully recieved!!


....to all my blog mates who commented on my last post! We are having a much better week this week (so far!).
It was Jakes sports day at school yesterday & I gave him a few words of encouragement & told him as long as he did his best we would be proud of him & he would be proud of himself. I wish I was there but I had to work. He surpassed everyone expectations & came 1st in the obstacle race & 2nd place in two other races!!!! To say we are chuffed is an understatement as last year he lost his temper whenever he failed to get a place & he really hated the whole day.
So from one of the worst weeks we have ever had to this is really good news.
I wanted to share it with you too :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Oh dear

My son has had a difficult week so far.
He is having difficulty with controlling his temper & has been getting 'stroppy' (as we like to call it) everyday at school but without having a valid excuse for his behavior. He was told by the headteacher on Monday if he disrupted class again he would have to send him home. That means either Neil or I having to leave work to be at home with him. It didn't come to that.
Until this afternoon. I had to leave the shop to get on a bus to get him from school because he hit one of the teachers. Mrs Kirby is a teaching assistant & is there for Jakes benefit to help him with his social skills & she takes the pressure off the class teacher so the other children don't get too distracted by Jakes tantrums. He hit her in the chest.
He has already been banned from playing on the wii this week & now that ban has been extended to the 1st of July. We talk to Jake about his behaviour but he just doesn't have the ability to stop himself 'losing it'. He is always genuinely sorry afterwards & it breaks my heart. I don't know what else to do.
Do we go back to the paediatrician & ask for more help? He was never officially diagnosed but we kept hearing that he was on the autistic spectrum.
I don't expect anyone to come up with an answer, I just needed to get this off my chest :(

Thankyou for 'listening'!! xx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Toilet roll mini-book is done!

At last I can reveal my little bog-roll book thingy ............. sorry .............. toilet roll minibook!

Its called Baby Love ( sorry about crap pics again ) & I made it for my god-daughter who is expecting a little girl in a couple of months. It was her birthday yesterday so I gave it to her today as a little pressie along with 2 little cardigans my Mum knitted for her .

You don't need a list of supplies I used do you? Good. Cos it was all from my stash & I haven't a clue :(
Did you take part yet? Its not too late if you fancy having a go yourself. Heres the link again.

I'm on a roll :)

Get me. Scrapping again. Loving it!!
Apologies for the picture heavy post but I had to blog while I was in the mood lol.

This first LO is of my gt niece Ella when she was about 6 months old. When I showed my Mum the LO I did a couple of weeks ago here she seemed quite disappointed that it wasn't for her album :(
So this is especially for Mums scrapbook (& the one below of Jake)

Hot Legs!!
Oh for those legs ........ I know I still have the same legs ......... but they ain't the same if you know what I mean!! I wish I hadn't stamped the title but its too late now. The design & colour scheme are from The Colour Room palette #10.
Sorry about the dodgy pic.
ETA the picture was taken c1985 when I was about 22 years old (yikes!!)
My SONshine.
My only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey.....

And finally.......
Father & son/best pals.
Neil has always been a great Dad & I thought that this would be a great LO for Fathers Day for him.

Thanks for looking & actually getting to the end of this post!! :)
And do leave a comment cos I loves them xx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Jake-ism

My boy is so funny sometimes. Not intentionally .... though he can be very entertaining when he's in the mood!

Jake & his Daddy collected me from work this afternoon & when we got to the car on the top open-air deck of the multi-storey I spotted an insect on the car that I hadn't seen before.

"Look Jake" I said "look at this" pointing at the car door.

"Whats that?" said Jake.

"It seems to be a ladybird but I've never seen a yellow one before" I replied.

"Is it a man-bird then?" asked Jake.

Lol! Out of the mouth of babes.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Colour Room challenge #9

Hello again blog-pals. Hope you are all well?
Its been raining again. In fact this afternoon it rained so hard I felt quite sorry for my new tomato plants being bashed so hard by the torrential downpour!! lol
Thank goodness we had already picked up Jake from school otherwise we would have been a sorry sight too :(

I have just found out about & joined 'The Colour Room' a new(ish?) scrapbooking challenge site & I made this layout following the pallette #9 which was to use Eggshell Blue, Lolly Pink, Burgundy Red & Light White. I have wanted to scrap this photo for ages & took the plunge lastnight. I was a bit unsure about using pink on a boys LO but I think it worked don't you? I'm also chuffed that I finally got to use the M&S label from his jeans months ago!!

Sorry about the small photo but blogger didn't want to load the bigger one for some reason. Naughty blogger.

If you haven't been to The Colour Room yet then I thoroughly recommend you do. There are some gorgeous LO's in the gallery & some great colour combos to have a go at.

Bye for now xx

Sunday, 6 June 2010


We have finally got a trampoline for Jake. It was promised for his birthday back in April but due to the remodelling of the garden we had to wait a while! We all got up early this morning & as soon as Neil had put it together Jake was on there bouncing away :) We will of course be putting the safety enclosure on to stop him falling off. He couldn't wait that long though!

Unfortunately we didn't realise just how big the trampoline was (lol!!) & we will have to move it when we have resurfaced the other side of the garden as Neil is fretting about his new lawn :)

But its all worth it when you see the smile on my little mans face. The biggest grin I've ever seen :)
TFL xx

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Mini album contest!!

Just a quick reminder about this little competition over on Scrapbook-crazy.com
Click on the picture to be taken to their page (scroll down to find the info!)
I am in the process of making mine so I will post pictures when its done! I think its a great way to recycle the inners that otherwise just get thrown away on to landfill.

Are you going to have a go? I hope so. If you do will you let me know please? xx

PS the postman delivered a pizzabox today. I finally bought the Cosmo Cricket paper collection called Lil Man & its gorgeous. Cant wait to start scrapping with it :)

Happy days xx