Sunday, 24 January 2010

47 years ago.......eeeek!!

Happy Birthday to me!!
Thats me in the pram with my Nanna & my cousin Andrew. The dog was called Pattie & she was my parents first pet.
The photo was taken in early spring of 1963 in Leicester & probably somewhere near or in Abbey Park
Thanks for looking xx


  1. Woohoo!!!! Happy Birthday!!!
    Thanks for sharing the really great photo!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! :) A fellow Aquarian just like me :) My birthday is this week too - we're fab people us Aquarians huh??? lol! The best!!! I have two daughters who are Aquarian too :) Oh my poor Husband!

    I hope you had a lovely day celebrating your birthday!!! I wish my birthday was on a weekend. So relaxing!!!

  3. I just love these old photos...would make a great layout.

  4. Happy Birthday! Mine was the 17. I got a 3 day weekend because of the MLK holiday.

  5. Happy BIrthday! And what a FABULOUS photo! Hope you were able to enjoy your special, once a year day!


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