Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I wear flat shoes.

Sometimes I wear ankle boots with a 2in heel but that’s usually only on days out.

4 weeks ago I joined my work mates for a Christmas meal & when you dress up for an occassion you have to wear nice heeled shoes don’t you? So I did & I only had to walk to & from the car.

The next day I wore my trusty ankle boots when I went shopping with my parents.

That’s when the pain started. Ball of my right foot. Under the (very long) second toe.

That’s when I started limping. All over Christmas I was limping at work – running up & down the stairs for gifts got a bit wearing!!

I finally got round to seeing a doctor about it this morning & I was told its an inflammation of the tendon between the toe bones & will only get better with rest…..which is why its taking so long to heal as I can’t rest it at work!

I have this week off though so fingers crossed it gets rested enough to start easing off more.

I’m waffling & you are probably sooo uninterested in my tale of woe. I will post more cheerful things again soon!!


  1. Oh no!! You go ahead and share, hun - hope you get lots of rest and your foot feels better soon xx

  2. Well I'm interested because I have a very long second toe too! Don't know how many of us there are about :)


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