Friday, 22 January 2010

I pinched this idea!

Friday Fill-ins

I've just been checking my blogging friends & Jane at Escaping The City has used the site highlighted above. Its just a small set of questions to fill-in. So heres mine!

1. You have a chance to play with Jake before he goes to bed.
2. I'm too distacted by the computer right now!
3. There is a load of pics on the camera waiting to be downloaded.
4. Buy some scrummy scrap stuff online and pay later.
5. Its time to get scrapbooking - I havent made one layout since before Christmas!
6. Too many balls up in the air but I'm an expert at ignoring most of them!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Jake going to sleep without me having to go upstairs again because he needs to talk, tomorrow my plans include the laundry before visiting relatives and Sunday I want to stay in bed because its my birthday!!!

Mmmmm....... seems to me I have a lot of guilty feelings about what I should/shouldnt be doing!!!!
Have a go yourselves - its quite easy & slightly theraputic AND it helped me with a topic for a blog page :)

H xxx

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  1. Hope you got to stay in bed for your birthday this morning :)


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