Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Fellow Bloggers Unite!!

I have just been reading some of my favourite blogs & just had to share this from Pip at http://meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com/

Its a very thought provoking article raising a few questions (in the nicest way) as to how people are accepted immediately in 'blogland' by fellow bloggers who are otherwise complete strangers! Once we get over the fear of being rejected that is! And we all love other bloggers to make themselves known in turn.

I love Pips blog. Shes so cheerful & creative. She taught me how to crochet even though she is the other side of the world. Enough said.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

What a mess!!

Good grief!!! I know we probably really need new gas pipes but ..... too many purple barriers in one little road methinks!! The gas has been turned off since 7.30 this morning & it will be sometime this afternoon before we get it back on - thank goodness we aren't still in the chilly temperatures of a few weeks ago cos I would have made sure I was at work & not trying to enjoy a day off lol.
Maybe while they are digging they could look for
1. my motivation /mojo/get up & go
2. my marbles
3. the secret to eternal youth
Any more suggestions? I can ask them to look :)!!

Monday, 15 March 2010

I'm not on a diet but....

I really & truly need to lose a lot of weight so ....... I'm eating more healthily & cutting out a lot of unneccessary snacks.
I can't say I'm on a diet because that just makes me want to eat! It was the same when I was a smoker - the minute anyone (myself included) suggested I gave up smoking .... I lit up a fag in sheer terror!! I'm glad to say that I finally gave up the dreaded fags 2 & half years ago :)

So back to my eating habits & changing them drastically. Well it won't happen overnight but I am determined to lose enough so I can fit into the clothes in my wardrobe as I can't afford to buy new ones! I also need to feel better about myself - I don't like being lumpy & bumpy for goodness sake lol!!!

Wish me luck & I hope you will be seeing less of me soon hehe!! xx :)


Spring is springing!! The birds are singing!! The ducks are pairing off!! Oh la la ........!!

My favourite time of year is finally here now that the dreadful snow & very low temps have gone (fingers crossed!!). It seems to have been cold for soooo long this year but last week saw some blue-sky days that were also fairly warm if you stayed in the sunshine.
Mind you on the day I took this photo of catkins I found the grass in the churchyard was still frosty in the shade.

Happy Days xx