Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Happy Sunny Days!!

Hello blog .... and hello readers!

Here in the UK we are enjoying some gorgeous blue skies & high temperatures :-)
Its been a long run of miserable dark summers for us over the last few years so its all a bit exciting! I have just put out some bunting along our fence and the picnic blanket is laid on the grass for later (too hot at the mo!).

Jake has just returned home from a hot day at school so we stayed in the cool front garden where our cat Flo had found a cool spot too!

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine too? Or are you the other side of the world and shivering in winter? I would love to know :-)

And because its a Happy Sunny Day, and I have purchased a few lovely crafty bits & pieces recently I would love to send some Happy Mail out so I can share my good vibes around! If you would like to receive some Happy Mail why dont you email me hethpet@gmail.com & leave your postal address 

Go on!! You know you want to!! 

H xx