Monday, 24 January 2011

blog candy


Rachael at Elliott Mess put me on to this. Thankyou Rachael :))

There is a giveaway at Glitz Design called 'Love Games' & all you have to do is leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning this amazing range of papers, stickers, chipboard album & mini alphas.

Plus if you leave another comment with a link to your blog mentioning the giveaway then you have 2 chances of winning!

What have you got to lose? lol


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!

1963 was a VERY bad winter.
I didn't want to be born. I was 3 weeks overdue so Mum was finally induced but spent 3 days in slow labour. They had to use forceps. I didn't want to come out!
When my poor parents finally got their beloved first born home winter was set in. My Mum couldnt take me out to walk to the shops for 6 weeks. She must have been climbing the walls!
When the snow finally cleared she got me well wrapped up in the pram & walked to the village shops ....... and when she got home she realised something was missing.
Me!! She left me parked outside the butchers & clean forgot she had me in the pram & walked home without me. Thankfully by the time she ran back I was still there being coo'd over by a little old lady!!

Alls well that ends well.
I love this story :))
Thanks for looking

The Tudors are back .............

.......... at last! I've missed this programme so much since the last series ended last year & I can't believe that the BBC decided not show it in their Autumn schedule as they thought there was enough 'good' programmes on already .......... the cheek of it! lol

Anyway I can now spend a lush hour every Saturday at 9pm (and watch it again & again all week on Virgin Medias catch-up!)
I wish they were more strict about Jonathan Rhys Meyers accent though as Im sure Henry wasn't born on the Emerald Isle :)
That aside I absolutely adore him & his very sexy portrayal of the King!

Roll on Saturday night ;-)


Friday, 21 January 2011

What a cold day!

..................... bbbbrrrr!!!
I don't think I felt this cold even when we had 6 inches of snow on the ground :(
Standing in the school playground for 10 mins waiting for Jake & his friend James felt like an eternity ....... and I'm not one for feeling the cold usually!! lol

The photo below is one of my Mums that she took very late in the afternoon a couple of weeks ago when virtually the whole country was covered in a hoar frost & looked so so pretty.

This is her favourite tree which stands in the middle of a field on the Bridgnorth to Wolverhampton road somewhere. It is a dead tree but Mum loves it nevertheless :)

Thanks for looking xx

Treat yourself

I've just had an email from Craft Island who are sadly closing down. I have used them a couple of times when I've allowed myself to have a splurge (not very often) and they have always been helpful & quick with delivery.

Its a shame to see them go & others may follow suit in this bad economy of ours :(

But as its my birthday soon I am treating myself to some bargains so why dont you too!!??


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sweet hearts

I just found these sweet hearts on Ideas For Scrapbookers & had to share.

The hearts are so easy to make & would look lovely hanging in any room.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Goodbye Facebook

I did it!
After reading some blogs & hearing of others who had released themselves from the Facebook treadmill I decided with some trepidation to just say goodbye & good riddance!!
I said a few farewells first and recieved a few comments such as "ha ha we'll see you back tomorrow then lol" (and downloaded the photos) and then hit the delete button. Instant terror & relief!! I have a life somewhere & Facebook was sucking me in as my only place to be but no more.
It was a bit odd this morning to switch on the 'puter & not see the F/B page but I soon got over it!! Hopefully I will now have more time to spend with Jake & maybe more crafting as that has been sadly neglected for too long :(
Anyway this is the start of better things & who knows I may even find I like myself more & start looking after myself for a change. A haircut would be nice...... stop my Mum nagging me about it too :))
See you soon xx

Monday, 10 January 2011

52 weeks in B&W

I've decided to join the flicker group 52 weeks in Black & White as the idea of taking a daily photo just doesnt grab me. Far too forgetful lol.

Hopefully I can manage this weekly picture - maybe I should put a reminder somewhere or set my mobile alarm for a Sunday to warn me!!!
I'm not a brilliant photographer though I do aspire to be & would love to own a DSLR (in my dreams lol) but I enjoy messing around with shots & altering them on Picnic. The photo above was changed to sepia & I think it captures the coldness of that day when everything was covered in white again. The light levels etc maybe way off but I'm not bothered - I love it!!
Thanks for looking xx

Thursday, 6 January 2011

as promised!

........... these are the photos of the Xmas tags I mentioned in my previous post :)

3 tags from one card!!

The last one is a bit of a cheat really because it was already a double tag shape with a tree and all I had to do was add some new ribbon! I actually saved this from a card I gave to my Dad a couple of years ago & never knew what to do with it. Too good to throw away :)
I know some of them are huge and probably will never get used but I had so much fun making them & I'm crafting again so its all to the good :)
Thanks for looking xx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

...... hope you all enjoyed the Christmas festivities? I know some of you have had illnesses of varying descriptions so I hope you are all feeling ok now :)
Our Christmas was lovely & all over too quickly as usual!! Spent far too much money but like my old Uncle used to say "theres no pockets in a shroud"!!!

I dislike the New Year hype & have given up on resolutions (because they just lead to too much guilt if you cant keep them going) so now the year is a few days old I can begin to come out of hiding & start looking forward to the Spring. I have always found January to be such a depressing month even though .... or maybe because ...... its my birthday month!! lol

I have one tradition in this month though and thats to make gift tags from the cards we recieved. My Mum started me on this when I was a little girl & using her 'pinking shears' from her sewing box I would cut out nice circles or squares from card fronts that would make tags for next years presents. Theres never been a year that I haven't done this when all the cards have been gathered together after taking down the decorations on New Years Day (fed-up of them by then lol). This year though I felt disinclined especially when my Mum admitted that she doesn't bother now as tags are so cheap to buy.

Then I found this page and I was immediately inspired to have a go!! Last night & most of today I have been making tags for next years xmas presents & they look so posh & Im so chuffed with them :))) Pictures to follow I promise ;-)

My mojos back hoorah!!!

Also ..... I returned to UKScrappers after another long absence & Im really interested in doing a challenge on there called Q52 (scroll down the home page) which has weekly questions for you to ponder on & make a mini book page or art journal entry or whatever takes your fancy!!

Such a lot to do & think about & I can't believe I've been gabbing on so long lol :)