Monday, 31 October 2011

Pretty Paper Party

This layout was made following the first prompt from Shimelles new class in which she suggested using strips of paper as a background. This school photo of me was taken c1969 when I was about 7 years old. I had long hair then & my mum would spend time making sure I looked presentable before I was allowed out of the door! I actually remember the pink & orange hair bobbles as I used to be able to snap them apart with my teeth & I can remember the texture & feel of them in my mouth lol ;-)


Do you have any peculiar memories you want to share?

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Okay so I finally got round to updating my blog again!!
We have all enjoyed the last week off together for the half term break (Neil & I decided to book time off work too) and we have been busy visiting Neils daughter in south Wales, trips to the cinema, lunch at my parents and catching up with my niece & her whirlwind daughter!! All very lovely :)

But best of all I have rediscovered my mojo ... hoorah!! Thanks to the very lovely Shimelle and her wonderful inspirational Pretty Paper Party we have been given some great ideas as to how we can best use our stash and some very useful tips too.
Firstly she invited us to share photos of our stash so here we go with mine

scraps or partially used sheets of patterned paper are sorted(ish) by colour
and in magazine holders

cardstock, patterned papers, alphas and embellishments in two
3 drawer units from Asda Home (just about 12 x12)

my desk which is actually a wardrobe door found in one of those wonderful
 'gloryhole' type places where you have to rummage & delve to find treasure!
I think I'm overdue a tidy-up ;-)

So now you know where I work and some idea of what stash I have in there!
I have some layouts and another project to share in future posts ....... and a giveaway to be announced soon! So see you back here soon xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Pretty Paper Party

WOW!! Thats a big photo isn't it?
But then she does love her cupcakes (and I have no idea how to alter the size of the image!) so its going to stay that way :)
Yes I have signed up for another class from the ever so clever Shimelle .... hopefully I will manage to stick with this one especially as we will be using lots of pretty paper that we all seem to have tucked away somewhere. 
Shimelle promises  "A four week celebration of pasting pretty paper to other pretty papers in an aesthetically pleasing manner." Which sounds just up my street ...... maybe my mojo is listening & will show up at some point! I think I belong to the Scrap Sorter kind of scrapper - I hate waste.
The Scrap Sorter:
An inevitable part of papercrafting is
the partial sheet. The off-cuts, the left-overs, the
scraps. Call them what you will, but it’s rare that there
are no extra pieces of paper on the desk once a project
is finished. Now what to do with all those small pieces?
Scrap Sorters are dedicated to keeping all these small
pieces in case they come in handy for another project.
The most advanced Scrap Sorters have intricate
systems of filing these off-cuts by colour, pattern, size
or manufacturer; other Scrap Sorters tend to place all
these papers in one place without worry of further
organisation. The merit of this philosophy is widely
acknowledged as a strong return on the paper
investment... but it can be overwhelming to find the
scrapheap never stops growing.

Now all I have to do is replace a couple of colour cartridges in my printer & get printing some photos to scrap ;-)

Monday, 3 October 2011

What would you do?

I don't like waste. I am always bringing magazines/brochures home from the shop to save interesting bits & pieces before recycling them. I always ask if I can have any cards/wrap/boxes that have been 'written off'.

I think I have probably listened to my "creative soul" just once too often here though!!!

Theres no way I could let this display unit get thrown out! It served its purpose last year for displaying some hanging angels from the Willow Tree range but this year the owners have decided against using it & so were prepared to bin it. It had to come home with me didn't it?

the display unit without pegs for hanging the angels on
(plus gratuitous shot of my lovely bunting)

the pegs are cute but do I need them?

hey bunting! and butterfly!
AND sunshine spots :))))
So the question is folks ........ what would you do with it?

I have a couple of ideas but mainly I think it would make a great stable for my Nativity figures. It will need some straw or lolly sticks to cover the wording on the roof and its too tall so Neil will have to very carefully cut the sides down. I would then be left with a handful of pegs!!

It would be great to hear what your plans would be :-))