Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 on the 10th

Goodness its been a whole month since I posted! I have decided to ditch Facebook again because it is a complete time/concentration eater and I have so many things I would rather be/should be doing ;-)
The 10th of September has crept up on me (due to lack of concentration) and even wishing my Dad happy Birthday yesterday didn't sound any alarms!! Therefore I am totally unprepared for 10 of anything lol. So I will have to give you 10 of my favourite photos from our little holiday in Wales last month - and get myself sorted in time for next month!!

I love doing these :)

Jake delighting in stamping on his Dads sandcastles

some of the beautiful sand dunes at Ynyslas Nature Reserve


one of the gorgeous butterflies at the Butterfly House

icecream tastes so much better by the seaside!

The day we went on the Funicular Railway ..... and parked the wrong side of town!

me & my boy :)

I love the sunlight on the waves

the day we went on holiday was also my
 nephews wedding day so we had to dress up first.
Jake insisted on a red bowtie & I think he looks lovely
.......but too grownup!!

So thankyou for indulging me & my apologies again for being an absent blogger!
See you soon ....... I'm off to see what everyone else has been blogging xx