Monday, 25 January 2010

Spending Spree!

As it was my birthday yesterday my parents gave me £25 because I couldn’t think of anything that they could buy me. I know…….I can think of many things now!

Anyway by the afternoon the money was begging to be spent so off we went to The Range. Trouble is there’s so much there I just don’t know where to begin! I kept in mind all the snow pic’s that are waiting to be scrapped which helped me to keep away from the new seasonal stuff!! I don’t do Valentine anyway.

As you can see in the photo below there’s quite an  assortment of fabric buttons, white alphas, silver stickers and a couple of packs of papers. I also found a nest of 3 blank boxes to decorate. All for £25  so I was a very happy bunny :)


But the best bit …………………….  was getting home & finally feeling inspired to actually make something with all this gorgeous stuff!


Jake enjoying the snow on the way home from school. No “snow days” for us :(

Which led on to more…….


Once upon a time …. there was a little boy who wanted to be a tree


Home sweet home. I’m not entirely happy with this one. I think I need to embellish it with something ……….  but I don’t know what …….. any idea’s?

Thanks for looking

H x

Sunday, 24 January 2010

47 years ago.......eeeek!!

Happy Birthday to me!!
Thats me in the pram with my Nanna & my cousin Andrew. The dog was called Pattie & she was my parents first pet.
The photo was taken in early spring of 1963 in Leicester & probably somewhere near or in Abbey Park
Thanks for looking xx

Friday, 22 January 2010

I pinched this idea!

Friday Fill-ins

I've just been checking my blogging friends & Jane at Escaping The City has used the site highlighted above. Its just a small set of questions to fill-in. So heres mine!

1. You have a chance to play with Jake before he goes to bed.
2. I'm too distacted by the computer right now!
3. There is a load of pics on the camera waiting to be downloaded.
4. Buy some scrummy scrap stuff online and pay later.
5. Its time to get scrapbooking - I havent made one layout since before Christmas!
6. Too many balls up in the air but I'm an expert at ignoring most of them!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Jake going to sleep without me having to go upstairs again because he needs to talk, tomorrow my plans include the laundry before visiting relatives and Sunday I want to stay in bed because its my birthday!!!

Mmmmm....... seems to me I have a lot of guilty feelings about what I should/shouldnt be doing!!!!
Have a go yourselves - its quite easy & slightly theraputic AND it helped me with a topic for a blog page :)

H xxx

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sunset silhouette

This is another piece of art that I did years ago (yes I've been rummaging again!). I did a night-school class in watercolour painting at Bridgnorth College & learned some excellent things but this was an experiment of my own. I have always loved sunsets & will stop everything to watch the mother nature paint fantastic colours in the sky!

I used to hoard old calendars because they have some amazing landscapes & wildlife shots that I intended to copy/paint one day - it was a favourite thing of my Grandads too. I was messing about with making up a sunset when I thought it would be great to have something in silhouette to show the colours up. The photo of a cathedral & in particular its spires caught my eye.

The painting hasn't scanned well as the sky has a lot more pink in it but you see the idea! I loved it & I'm so pleased I've kept this when I've had clearouts over the years.
Thanks for looking

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I wear flat shoes.

Sometimes I wear ankle boots with a 2in heel but that’s usually only on days out.

4 weeks ago I joined my work mates for a Christmas meal & when you dress up for an occassion you have to wear nice heeled shoes don’t you? So I did & I only had to walk to & from the car.

The next day I wore my trusty ankle boots when I went shopping with my parents.

That’s when the pain started. Ball of my right foot. Under the (very long) second toe.

That’s when I started limping. All over Christmas I was limping at work – running up & down the stairs for gifts got a bit wearing!!

I finally got round to seeing a doctor about it this morning & I was told its an inflammation of the tendon between the toe bones & will only get better with rest…..which is why its taking so long to heal as I can’t rest it at work!

I have this week off though so fingers crossed it gets rested enough to start easing off more.

I’m waffling & you are probably sooo uninterested in my tale of woe. I will post more cheerful things again soon!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Look what I found!

Its high time I got myself organised. I haven’t scrapped anything since late last year & its nagging me all the time to JUST DO IT! I made a start on clearing a corner of the room that’s been a bit of a dump space since I took the Christmas tree down & unearthed a sketch pad that I had forgotten about. There is only a few pages used but it was a very pleasant surprise to see them again. I love doodling & I always do trees because they fascinate me with their never ending & lumpy branches! Trouble is I tend to fill the page up to the edge so the tree always looks a bit ‘page-shaped’ IYKWIM!


Anyway I wanted to share this with you & I might put a few more on at some point. I hope you like my tree – let me know please!

EDIT = if you click on the image you will get a bigger picture but I still think its a bit blurred sorry :(

Friday, 15 January 2010

The real me


You know how it goes.

Only keep the very best photos of yourself.

Never …. repeat ….. NEVER  show yourself  in anything less than the best light & always on your best side ……. right?

Well after reading this post from Amy in Australia on her blog Over At Our Place with a candid photo of her everyday self …..I decided to take the plunge!!


This is the real me.

No make-up as usual, hair desperately needing a wash, wonky teeth, chubby cheeks & tired eyes from having a sinus headache all day.

A bit different to my avatar photo which was taken 10 years ago!! But still recognisable to the Facebook  photo taken when I was about 7 years old.

I dare you to introduce your real self !!


Monday, 11 January 2010

Snow fun

Just a quickie!

My son loves the snow but he hasn't been fortunate enough to have to had a "snow day" off from school (mummy wasn't impressed either cos she just wanted to snuggle under the duvet!) so after school today we came by the pools to play on the carpark where there was lots of new snow to play with.

Daddy enjoyed himself too!!

Good enough to eat?

Just a little offering to the birdies because they are suffering in the snow. Bon appetit!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I'm sorry.
There I've said it.
I just got overwhelmed in December & could not summon up any enthusiasm whatsover to keep blogging. So I didnt! But now its all over & January is settling in - my least favourite month - and there isnt the sense of urgency & panic everywhere that Christmas always generates. Working in retail always spoils a season - you just get sick of it before everyone else. My Journal Your Christmas didn't get any further than day 1 - I'll have to try harder next year!
For the second year running this country has almost ground to a halt because of snow! I love snow when I am watching it from inside my warm & cosy house. I love snow when there is enough to go out & have fun building snowmen or having snowball fights. I do not love snow when me & my boy have to trudge in our wellies to school. I do not love snow when I have to trudge again to the bus-stop to get to work. I do not love snow when even wearing a pair of tights & 2 pairs of socks I can still feel the icy temperature of the snow beneath my feet!

I took a few photos quickly (on my new camara!) on my way to work at 11am so we had a record of the snowfall. I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted a snowman in the middle of the frozen pool at the bottom of our road. It fills me with dread when I think of what tragedy could have unfolded if the ice had given way under the people - kids? - who foolishly trusted the ice to hold their weight.

And thats my shadow at the bus-stop!
I'm glad I made the effort today to take some photos AND blog about them .... yay!!!!
See you again soon xx