Monday, 4 July 2011

Blooming marvelous!!!

Yesterday we held a fundraising "Blooming Great Tea Party" in aid of the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity.

I haven't baked a cake in years.

Yesterday I baked 3 ...... and some biscuits!!!! I used Jackys Semolina Biscuits recipe for the first time and they were so lovely. Thanks Jacky but I cannot for the life of me find the recipe on your blog! can you post the link in the comments? Sorry :(

I also made a chocolate marble cake, a victoria sandwich cake and some fairy cakes made from the same recipe. Neil made a carrot cake and he & Jake had made some other cakes the day before when I was at work.
Phew!!! They looked good don't you think?

We also had fun decorating the garden with bunting & putting out picnic blankets & cushions. The charity send a party pack of balloons, invites, posters & little collection boxes to leave on the table for any contributions.

Such hard work!!!


Love the shadows ;)

It was a long hard day but i really enjoyed it - especially realising how easy it is to bake a cake!!
Unfortunately Neil had to sleep off a migraine but being as most people didn't bother to turn up he
didn't miss a lot. I'm quite cross with a lot of those who said 'yes they were coming & really looking forward to it'. Including two girls from work!! Its a good job I've got a couple more days off to cool down otherwise I might say something I regret! My manager came after work & she took a lot of goodies back with her to take to work today as our Area Manager is due in & she always loves a cake lol. Between the guests that did come & those who sent donations with apologies for being unable to make it we raised £65 which is ok I suppose ....... but I was hoping for so much more :(
Oh well onwards & upwards as they say! Now where's my 'British stiff upper lip' gone?

ETA this is the recipe :)
6oz semolina
4 1/2 oz self raising flour
3 1/2 oz caster sugar
7 1/2 oz butter or margerine

mix all ingredients into a dough
roll out & cut into shapes
bake 180c/gas 4/350f for 10-15 mins
but watch oven as they can get overcooked!


  1. But you did say you enjoyed the cake baking so it wasn't wasted time :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the poor turnout....but it looks like a lovely afternoon....and some money raised.
    And I hate to admit it.....but I can't find the link either!!!!Just shows why you should 'tag' things....I'll have to work out how to do that.


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