Saturday, 18 June 2011

In Grandmas kitchen .....

.... you get to make lemon curd tarts with the left-over pastry Grandma saved for you.

not too much not too little

press down gently

time for a goofy smile

cutting out the pastry

Grandma would be horrified if she knew I included this pic!
(notice the unintentionally colour co-ordinated grandparents!!)

Grandmas guiding hands :)
Its such a shame that I forgot to take photos of the tarts when they came out of the oven. They were delicious! Its also a shame that you won't eat anything like these tarts so you will never know how good they tasted :(


  1. What a lovely set of pictures! Worth their weight in gold

  2. That sounds fun - and the photos tell (almost!) the whole story beautifully :)

  3. Very sweet photos, Heather. I always love pictures of little helping hands in the kitchen! :o)


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