Monday, 25 July 2011

In my garden today......

..... I was idly re-reading parts of "Inner Excavations" before I 'Pass The Book'
on to the next lucky recipient. I decided to do a few quick snapshots of
 my garden in the beautiful sunshine we have today.
This is quite photo-heavy so please bear with me!!

 We have been waiting patiently for this lily plant to flower (its companion has bloomed ages ago!)
The hippo is a friend from long ago when I collected hippos in all shapes & sizes!!

 Fuchsias are so so pretty don't you think?

 This is a favourite corner of the garden and I put this photo
on picnic & used the 'cross process' effect

Also waiting patiently .....actually very impatiently......
for these tomatoes to ripen up!!

Flo having a dust bath!
This will soon be a rockery/desert garden with lots
 of stones & drought loving plants

The sunflower that mysteriously appeared ..... presumably a seed was dropped by a bird!

Flo taking it easy on the trampoline after all that hard work taking a dustbath
Jake rarely uses the trampoline as he has a phobia of spiders
 & other creatures so she is very safe on here!

I hope you enjoyed your tour ..... I did :)


  1. Very relaxing! And so good to see the book being enjoyed too.

  2. Love the hippo - and you have some beautiful plants! Our yard has been far too hot to spend any time in lately!

  3. Looks like a great place to relax & enjoy :)


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