Monday, 18 July 2011

Upcycled boxes :)

Its that time of year again when  parents Mums go through agonies trying to decide what present to buy for their little darlings' teacher to say thankyou for their hardwork & dedication. Its almost like an awards ceremony!! I should know. The shop I work in has seen many frazzled & frustrated Mums (Dads don't seem to partake in this particular pastime) desperately seeking inspiration for a suitable gift! We have the usual Thankyou Teacher cards & gifts that come in every year but some customers prefer to buy a piece of jewellery or a Willowtree figurine. Well I'm sorry but I don't agree with spending huge amounts of money for my childs teacher. I wouldn't want to do their job for all the tea in China ..... but it is their career choice & they get paid to do it. So why do some parents feel that they have to get such extravagant gifts? I really don't want to upset anyone by this post by-the-way.... but its something thats bugging me & I need to share :-0

Aaaaanyway ..... I had to come up with 4 gifts for Jake to give out. One for his teacher, one for his helper, one for the classroom assistant and one for the lady who runs the Breakfast Club. Phew!!
I had been given some old "Carte Blanche" gift boxes that had been 'written off' from work and decided to have a go at making them more personal.

the box on the right is the original 'old' box

 As the glue dried they began to look great but I made the mistake of trying one of the lids on too soon. I had to start again with that one! I am going to buy some special chocs to go in the boxes & probably put a little tag on too. I know the teachers will love these as a gift & they also get to use the box as a pencil/pen pot :) Result!

Do you spend loads on teachers gifts or are you a 'make do & mend' kinda gal like me?
If you are in the teaching profession have I put my foot in it?
I seriously would hate anyone to think I'm being less than grateful :(


ETA oops I forgot to say the fairy hearts were cut from a Juicy Lucy calendar :)


  1. Beautiful boxes :) the perfect gift!
    I am a teacher, & whilst recieving a gift is lovely, it's not expected. I do however teach secondary so primary may well be different. I was shocked to read that some mums buy Willows for gifts! £20 thats OTT! The thought counts and really a beaming smile& a genuine Thank you for your help Miss, is worth so much ! :))

  2. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, This box is very nice, beautiful and creative,,

  3. Oh they're amazing, and I'm sure will be very appreciated.


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