Sunday, 6 June 2010


We have finally got a trampoline for Jake. It was promised for his birthday back in April but due to the remodelling of the garden we had to wait a while! We all got up early this morning & as soon as Neil had put it together Jake was on there bouncing away :) We will of course be putting the safety enclosure on to stop him falling off. He couldn't wait that long though!

Unfortunately we didn't realise just how big the trampoline was (lol!!) & we will have to move it when we have resurfaced the other side of the garden as Neil is fretting about his new lawn :)

But its all worth it when you see the smile on my little mans face. The biggest grin I've ever seen :)
TFL xx


  1. Looks like he's having great fun.

  2. I love trampolines. Can't wait until my two are old enough to buy them one.

  3. Excellent photos! Thanks for your comment too :)

  4. We're really considering getting a trampoline this summer - you r boy looks so happy!

  5. They're big alright! Our garden is so tiny it takes up most of it. But well worth it. Definitely money well spent and I think you'll be saying the same, looking at that happy face!


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