Monday, 31 May 2010

Not one but two new LO's!!

Oh my!
I have been struggling with finding inspiration for months now & I was beginning to wonder if I would ever scrap again.
I was messing around lastnight on Picasa & printing a couple of photos for a mini-book for Jake when I chose these two pics but printed them 5 x 7 by mistake! When I saw them I was horrified at wasting the photo paper & ink but soon calmed down when I realised I could do a couple of quick 12 x 12 layouts ;-)

The first one is of Jake at the poolside. The tag reads "April 2010 - Jake loves to laugh at the geese & ducks. We are so lucky to have these pools at the end of our road"
The pair of geese don't have any babies this year but they were being very protective of a family of Coots instead!

The second LO is of my greatniece Ella who is now 3 years old (going on 23!!). We had a lovely day last Sunday at my parents house & Ella and Jake played together in the little paddling pool for hours. We haven't seen much sunshine since so to see this picture brings back lovely memories!!
So hopefully my creative block has shifted at last & I can get happy with my paper & glue again :)
Hoping you are enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend xx


  1. It's nice to see some slighter bigger photos Heather. I am far too quick just to print out 6x4 and leave it at that.

  2. yay for finding the inspo!


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