Sunday, 25 April 2010

Crafty Swaps 2

I can now show you what I sent to Tracey (see previous post)

I racked my brains for ages as to what I could make for her - my only clue was her love of the colour purple! I would have made her a granny square blanket but the postage cost would have been

After much deliberation & panic I finally decided to take the plunge & do one of my 'doodle hands' that I've only ever made for myself purely when I was bored (pre crafty days!!!)

Tracey sent me a drawing I asked her to do of round her hand - like you used to when you were a kid...... remember? She sent it with the lovely sock rabbit she made me as her part of the exchange but unfortunately she had folded the paper & left an unsightly crease. After scanning it & photo-editing it I could finally get going.

I included the words 'family' 'life' 'love' 'laugh' 'home' & Traceys daughters name Robyn to give a bit of personality to it & make hers alone.
I was very pleased with it ......though I'm not sure it was quite the 'handmade item' that the organisers meant!! I have had an email from Tracey to say she loves it too!!
What do you think?


  1. Heather, that is absolutely amazing! Any chance of a couple of closeups?

  2. Thats just beautiful!! You are so talented!! Wow!!!

  3. I've tried adding more pics but I can' Im adding them as a new post!!

  4. It is truly beautiful Heather, even more so in real life! I'd spotted most of the words but now am going back to look for Robyn's name!! Thank you again!!! xx

  5. I think it's stunning - great to see the close-ups in your other posts, too :-)


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