Monday, 3 October 2011

What would you do?

I don't like waste. I am always bringing magazines/brochures home from the shop to save interesting bits & pieces before recycling them. I always ask if I can have any cards/wrap/boxes that have been 'written off'.

I think I have probably listened to my "creative soul" just once too often here though!!!

Theres no way I could let this display unit get thrown out! It served its purpose last year for displaying some hanging angels from the Willow Tree range but this year the owners have decided against using it & so were prepared to bin it. It had to come home with me didn't it?

the display unit without pegs for hanging the angels on
(plus gratuitous shot of my lovely bunting)

the pegs are cute but do I need them?

hey bunting! and butterfly!
AND sunshine spots :))))
So the question is folks ........ what would you do with it?

I have a couple of ideas but mainly I think it would make a great stable for my Nativity figures. It will need some straw or lolly sticks to cover the wording on the roof and its too tall so Neil will have to very carefully cut the sides down. I would then be left with a handful of pegs!!

It would be great to hear what your plans would be :-))


  1. looks like the perfect structure for a birdhouse. You would need to add rather than subtract bits, but looks like the perfect shape.

  2. I love the Nativity idea! Though I would be tempted to turn the pegs into Nativity figures, which you don't need.... Maybe a little house of some sort and use the pegs for its occupants?

  3. I did leave a comment but I can't see it now :(


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