Sunday, 5 June 2011

quick update

I have been struggling along with many other people to leave comments on the blogs I am reading. This is Bloggers fault apparently ...... I wish they would hurry up & solve the problem!
So just to let you know I am reading all my faves as usual :)

I have also been getting to grips with Pinterest. Totally time consuming (as if I needed another reason NOT do do the ironing)! I have some invites left if anyone would like one? Leave your email in the comments if you do :)



  1. Hi, Heather! Thanks for your comment this weekend on my blog... I re-read my journaling about "reading forwards" and it made me laugh because I realized how it sounds. I meant that I don't read forwarded emails, the kind with jokes or stories that people send me. But it sounds like I don't read forwards... I read backwards! Ha! Gave me a good giggle. Thanks for your always kind comments on my blog... you make me smile. :)

  2. Hi Heather! Just dropping by to let you know that you won the draw for "Pass the Book." I posted it on my blog today. :o) Congratulations!!!


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