Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I know. I have been absent. I am back. Procrastination kills blogtime so I killed procrastination tonight. I have a feeling it may be back again some time soon.
I have been reading lots of blogs dear reader but could not seem to find the umph to actually write my own. Tonight I found this list on Julia Dunnits blog Stamping Ground and had to steal it :) I'm sure she won't mind because she stole it aswell!

Age: 48

B. Bed size: double

C. Chore that you hate: I.R.O.N.I.N.G

D. Dogs: no. would love a Jack Russell but OH thinks 2 cats is enough & DS has an aversion to wet noses touching him. sigh
E. Essential start to your day: 10 more minutes in bed please

F. Favorite color; turquoise

G. Gold or Silver: silver

H. Height: 5' 6 ish

I. Instruments you play: hahaha!!!

J. Job title: Mummy. Other half. Sales assistant. Lazy cow.Take your pick

K. Kids: the best 8 yr old boy EVER

L. Live: Shropshire, UK

M. Mother's name: Beryl. Poor Mum she has always hated her name :(

N. Nicknames: probably but not in my hearing range

O. Overnight hospital stays: only twice. One night after endoscopy investigating my pelvic cavity that proved where the Endometriosis was affecting me. The other time was when I had my boy 8 weeks early!

P. Pet peeve: untidy towels in the bathroom.

Q. Quote from a movie: "your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" from the Italian Job

R. Right or left handed: right

S. Siblings: 2 brothers (though estranged from one)

T. Time you wake up: do I have to?

U. Underwear: hmm... nothing fancy!

V. Vegetable you hate: sprouts. I'll never forgive Mum for insisting I had to eat one sprout even if I was gagging on it. Not a good memory

W. What makes you run late: forgetting stuff

X. X-Rays you've had: chest x-ray many many moons ago as part of a health check I had to have ...... the reason escapes me now!

Y. Yummy food that you make: Spaghetti bolognese. Please say it in your best italian accent! My boy requests it at least once a week :) The spag not the accent lol

Z. Zoo animal: HIPPOPOTAMUS!!!!! I have adored hippos for the last 20+ years. I have a collection of hippos that I must blog about one day :))

That was fun! xx


  1. These are great Heather. I'm going to have a go too :)

  2. Thanks for the peek into your world.


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