Friday, 15 April 2011

Jakes 8!!

My Goodness. You turn your back for 5 minutes and all of a sudden your baby is 8 years old! Would somebody like to explain where the last few years went. Because its scary to think that in only 2 years he will be in double figures (& I will be 50 but we're not going to mention that) and we will be celebrating his 10th (& my 50th apparently) at Disneyland, Paris!! Eeek :(( But back to the present. My boy had a party at home this year. We had 8 of his friends to come for a couple of hours in the afternoon. There was a bouncy castle where lots of screaming 8 year olds (and a highly excitable 4 year old cousin) had lots of bouncy fun......... There was a MarioKart knockout competition on the wii ...... Jake enjoyed telling everyone what to do here!

There was more bouncing to be had by screaming 8 year olds who needed more thrills ...........

Then of course there was candles to be blown out on The Cake .........

.......... followed by the photocall. Can you believe the 8 year olds with their mobile phones! Bless them :)

And when the party was over and everyone had gone home it was time for the birthday boy & his Daddy to have a go with the new Kitchen Chemistry Set. Goggles on for safety :))

And this all happened on Sunday the 10th of April which was an absolutely gorgeous warm day which is quite funny because when I sent out the invites in early March I made a note to suggest wearing warm clothes incase it was chilly!!!

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  1. Belated birthday greetings to Jake, it certainly looks like a fun day was had by all :) Lots of lovely photos.

  2. Aww! Sounds like he had a lovely day :-) But yes, it is scary how fast the time goes - The Tomboy will be 9 next week, and The Boy starts secondary school in September - how did that happen?!


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