Thursday, 24 March 2011

a sweet little boy banner

a colleague left the shop this week to start her maternity leave finally ......... she is due to give birth in 3 weeks!!! I made her this little banner for her baby boy Ollie - she better not change her mind about the name now :)
Its nothing fancy or clever. Just lots of embellishments like stickers & gems & bows & butterflies & tiny buttons. I think I may have gone OTT slightly but she was absolutely chuffed to bits when she opened the package. So I'm chuffed too :)

I really enjoy making banners for all sorts of people even though it does reduce my stack of embellishments too quickly :-(
Thanks for looking xx


  1. What a lovely present - I'm not surprised she was chuffed!

  2. Well, it looks both fancy and clever to me! xx

  3. Oh lovely! I think I'd snatch at the chance to reduce the embellishment pile at my house. Bit of a shopaholic...


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