Thursday, 24 March 2011

photos from today

Hello :)
I had some free time this morning as I drew the short straw on the rota at work - 3pm til 8pm shift ....ugh!! So having walked my son to school & then spent a couple of hours at the computer I decided as it was such a gorgeous day to walk down to the pools & see if I could get some springtime pics. I love going to these pools & just standing there looking at the reflections. Sometimes the laughing ducks & honking geese come along to see if you have any bread but usually its calm enough for the fish to jump out of the water after a fly or two!

When I returned home my two black cats were sunning themselves on the decking. I tried to get a few shots of them but cats can be so unco-operative but I'm pleased with the ones below. I have edited all these photos on my favourite free photo-editing site picnik.
I have used this site for a coulpe of years now & enjoy the effects available from simply clicking the mouse! :))

Flo & Sable belonged to my stepdaughter & when she decided to go abroad & work as rep we became the interim carers of said cats.
That was 4 years ago! She had a wonderful time, met her future husband there & then moved to Wales with him when they returned to the UK. Now she says she doesn't think its fair to uproot them after all this time!! C'est la vie.



  1. Stopping by from BFS class. Your photos are gorgeous. Love the reflections.

  2. your second photo has such a dreamlike quality!

  3. Love that second photo. And those green eyes on the first cat are hypnotic.

  4. Fab photos! I love reflections :-)

  5. Ooh, that Picnik looks good. Must spend more time there when I'm not so knackered. Thanks :)
    Lovely reflection photos. Nature never fails to amaze!

  6. wow those phoos are stunning must spend some time exploring picnik!


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