Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

...... hope you all enjoyed the Christmas festivities? I know some of you have had illnesses of varying descriptions so I hope you are all feeling ok now :)
Our Christmas was lovely & all over too quickly as usual!! Spent far too much money but like my old Uncle used to say "theres no pockets in a shroud"!!!

I dislike the New Year hype & have given up on resolutions (because they just lead to too much guilt if you cant keep them going) so now the year is a few days old I can begin to come out of hiding & start looking forward to the Spring. I have always found January to be such a depressing month even though .... or maybe because ...... its my birthday month!! lol

I have one tradition in this month though and thats to make gift tags from the cards we recieved. My Mum started me on this when I was a little girl & using her 'pinking shears' from her sewing box I would cut out nice circles or squares from card fronts that would make tags for next years presents. Theres never been a year that I haven't done this when all the cards have been gathered together after taking down the decorations on New Years Day (fed-up of them by then lol). This year though I felt disinclined especially when my Mum admitted that she doesn't bother now as tags are so cheap to buy.

Then I found this page and I was immediately inspired to have a go!! Last night & most of today I have been making tags for next years xmas presents & they look so posh & Im so chuffed with them :))) Pictures to follow I promise ;-)

My mojos back hoorah!!!

Also ..... I returned to UKScrappers after another long absence & Im really interested in doing a challenge on there called Q52 (scroll down the home page) which has weekly questions for you to ponder on & make a mini book page or art journal entry or whatever takes your fancy!!

Such a lot to do & think about & I can't believe I've been gabbing on so long lol :)


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  1. Yes, I'm one of the people who's been unwell.... I'm better enough to catch up on blogs now, hooray! :-)

    I recycle my Christmas cards in a similar way - first I 'rescue' any bits that I know I'll use in my crafting, and then I turn the rest into gift tags for the following year. The backs of each card does need to go into the recycle bin but at least very little of the front of each gets thrown away!


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