Sunday, 23 January 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!

1963 was a VERY bad winter.
I didn't want to be born. I was 3 weeks overdue so Mum was finally induced but spent 3 days in slow labour. They had to use forceps. I didn't want to come out!
When my poor parents finally got their beloved first born home winter was set in. My Mum couldnt take me out to walk to the shops for 6 weeks. She must have been climbing the walls!
When the snow finally cleared she got me well wrapped up in the pram & walked to the village shops ....... and when she got home she realised something was missing.
Me!! She left me parked outside the butchers & clean forgot she had me in the pram & walked home without me. Thankfully by the time she ran back I was still there being coo'd over by a little old lady!!

Alls well that ends well.
I love this story :))
Thanks for looking


  1. My mother did exactly the same with my brother....prams were too big to take into shops back then....there were always lots of them outside.

  2. A cute story Heather.
    Your Uncle Brian said that he left Stephen outside the Pub one Sunday Lunch time....Funny Life's little stories but Huge memories.
    Happy Birthday to you :)
    Love from us XX


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