Monday, 10 January 2011

52 weeks in B&W

I've decided to join the flicker group 52 weeks in Black & White as the idea of taking a daily photo just doesnt grab me. Far too forgetful lol.

Hopefully I can manage this weekly picture - maybe I should put a reminder somewhere or set my mobile alarm for a Sunday to warn me!!!
I'm not a brilliant photographer though I do aspire to be & would love to own a DSLR (in my dreams lol) but I enjoy messing around with shots & altering them on Picnic. The photo above was changed to sepia & I think it captures the coldness of that day when everything was covered in white again. The light levels etc maybe way off but I'm not bothered - I love it!!
Thanks for looking xx


  1. Lovely photo :-)

    I finally got my long-coveted dSLR for Christmas (well, joint birthday and Christmas present, and I paid the extra by saving up...)


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