Thursday, 13 May 2010

A sombre one

I came across an idea on one of the blogs I was flicking through tonight but unfortunately I forgot to take note of the blog title ... oops sorry :( If anyone recognises the idea as theirs I do hope you don't mind me carrying it on!!
Its a simple idea.
Go to the 8th folder where you keep your photos & in that folder chose the 8th photo.
Describe what the photo is about.

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The above photo was taken in March of this year whan we had an unexpected gloriously sunny day & I decided to walk to my sons school the long way round via the local church. As always I wandered through the churchyard reading some of the gravestones. I love churches but the people who were buried in the churchyards need to be remembered whether they died this year or 200 years ago. Maybe its because I have traced a lot of family history that I feel this affinity with those who have passed on.
Told you it was a sombre post didn't I!!
Anyway back to the photo. The names on this particular gravestone always moves me as there are 5 children from one family. It reads
In loving memory of
Emma Selina died July 12 1920 aged 14 months
Victoria Maria died July 15 1925 aged 7 weeks
Ronald Noah died Oct 29 1926 aged 19 days
Mabel Sarah died Aug 4 1929 aged 2 years
Harry Edward died May 20 1930 aged 8 years
The children of John & Victoria Stephens
I don't know about you but reading these names & their age at death makes me so sad for their poor parents. But also glad for my beautiful son.


  1. Oh, gosh - that's so sad! I always feel moved when I read headstones. It's a poignant image, and such an interesting idea to pick an image to share - I might just give it a go :-)

  2. Oh that really is so sad! You are right - it makes you count your blessings.


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