Saturday, 22 May 2010

Purple boxes

Hello again! I don't know about you but I have had a lovely trip round the world on todays bloghop!! Its been great to see everyones projects & how differently they have all turned out. Its also been lovely to recieve some wonderful comments about my own effort - thankyou so much!!

Now. I would like some help. I keep 'rescuing' these box lids from work as I can't bear for them to be thrown away!! But I'm getting quite a pile now & I know that there will always be more coming (they come as part of a christening gift to protect the plastic until its out on display) I need some ideas as to what I could do with them! I know I could do something like a pen/pencil pot but is there anything else?

Some measure 8.5cm all round & others are slightly bigger at 9cms all round & they are all open at the top as you can see from the photo!
I look forward to hearing your suggestions (keep it clean though lol)
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  1. They could be decorated as gift containers....for cookies,a recipe holder, mini album etc.

  2. I'd use them to organise stash - fill them with buttons or ribbons or bits and bobs - in the first instance. You could attach lots together for an organizer tray!

    Pen/pencil pot came to mind too (great for gifts!) or other gift ideas would be to half-fill with tissue paper or shredded paper and top with a few little treats (eg small soaps or bath salts).

    Have fun experimenting! x

  3. I see attatching them together has already been suggested...good idea.

    You could use them as photocube and then house a mini album in them....or

    Decorate them and but some foam/oasis in and make a vase of paper flowers

    Or as I would do continue to stash them hee hee


  4. Yes, I think I would stick them all together to make a cube of 3x3 boxes, and decorate, stick on the wall and store ink pads and other small bits. Or somehow make little drawers to go in them for a mini chest of drawers for stash. Just don't ask me how I'd make the little drawers!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, BTW! :o)


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