Thursday, 5 November 2009

Trying to keep up!

........... and failing already....... :(

I have a day off from work & my boy is at school so I am determined this morning to catch up with the blogging class before I abandon it out of frustration! If I could only stop spending hours blog-hopping or Facebooking I might make it easier on myself.

Prompt 3 from Shimelle is to make a list of 5 favourite things. They can be anything from fave films of all time to what makes you happy today. I would like to list my 5 things to be thankful for

1. I still have my parents

2. I have a wonderful 6 year little boy who still calls me Mummy

3. I love my job & the girls I work with

4. My other half & I are happy together

5. Its nearly Christmas!

Okay no.5 was a bit of a cop out but I couldnt think of anything else & I do love Christmas so there you have it.

I wonder whats in store for tomorrow?


  1. Your blog is great, whether or not you post about a prompt on the exact day it's shared with us! There is no deadline for sharing inspiration :) Don't give up!

  2. so glad you stuck with it and didn't quit LOL


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