Friday, 20 November 2009

A Christmas box

I've seen so many lovely boxes that have been altered that I thought maybe its time to have a go. So I did. I bought a box of cards from a souvenir shop in Ironbridge, Shropshire. The box was reduced in price & I used papers that I already had in my stash so it wasn't going to be an expensive mistake!

There were times when I got so frustrated with the darn thing especially trying to work out where the folds had to be or whether to use wet glue or double-sided tape but I managed in the end .......... & I love it!

The only problem with it is that the lid wont close down properly as the extra layer of paper is wedging it open but thats a lesson learned for the next project. I can live with it.
As to what its going to be used for ......... probably nothing til after Xmas when I can use it to pack away my most precious tree ornaments - some are as old as me!!


  1. The box is gorgeous...and will be great for keeping decorations.

  2. What a lovely box heather and like you say you've learned something for next time too! LOL

  3. Heather...what a gorgeous box. I love the idea of having a special box for my special keepsakes, especially my really old and rare ornaments. Thanks so much for sharing the idea with us.

    Also, thanks for your lovely comment on my site. It was sweet of you.


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