Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Look what I made!!

WARNING the following photos are complete rubbish. Sorry. lol.

I have had this project in mind for ages & ages ..... and it finally came to fruition! I am lucky to be able to snaffle a few bits & pieces at work that would be thrown away after use ie promotional or seasonal material. I cannot bear waste. Therefore I have a stash of boxes, calendars, wrapping paper, gift bags etc in my craftroom waiting to be re-used/repurposed. Earlier this year I "rescued" the Tatty Ted hearts mobile that was hanging over the Carte Blanche valentine stock as I wanted to try & make a mobile for my 4yr old greatnieces new 'princess' bedroom at her new home.
After much swearing & gnashing of teeth today I finally got to finishing the mobile & Im really pleased with it :))

The large heart is the original valentine one that I covered with some pretty pink flowery paper and the smaller ones I have used the hearts I cut-out of the same Juicy Lucy calendar that was used for the Thankyou Teacher gifts a couple of weeks ago!

Sorry about the dreary photos but I was getting the pics done in a rush :(
I think Ella is going to absolutely love this in her Very Pink Bedroom. I hope so anyway!!

Thanks for looking xx


  1. She certainly will love it...perfect for a little girl.

  2. They can't be that rubbish, because I can definitely see what a beautiful project this is!

  3. It's beautiful she'll love it :)


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