Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Kitchen update

following a windfall a few months back we decided our top priority was a new kitchen. The timing was just right as our oven was starting to lean alarmingly to the left and we had suffered a leak behind the units (undetected for goodness knows how long)!! Also Homebase had their summer sale on AND a further 15% off the weekend we bought it :))
The pic below shows the 'dining room - but mostly Heathers craftroom & laundry' separated from the kitchen by an enormous 'breakfast bar - cum - dump area'

next is the tiny U-shape kitchen minus the tiles & wall units already. This is when we discovered the gas pipes from the boiler in the garage were hidden behind the old wall units & now they needed to be moved so we could fit our new chimney hood above the new oven & hob!!
next is Jake having a go at lifting the old floor tiles

Believe it or not the next pic is of the first of the new units & the oven in place - gas pipes moved!
(hardboard sheets on the floor ready for some lino)

and finally the extended kitchen area to make one big kitchen/diner.
LOVING the colour we chose for the walls.

Its way off finished but its already a massive improvement on the old one :)))
Thanks for looking xx

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