Wednesday, 17 November 2010

JYC 2010

its getting to look a lot like Christmas!!

I've decided to jump into another class from the lovely Shimelle. This time its her Journal Your Christmas class which I've shied away from in previous years as I get overwhelmed the nearer xmas gets especially working in a card & gift shop!! Hopefully I can learn to make notes & take lots of candid shots to help me describe our lives at this lovely time of year :))
I have already made one error though :(
I got carried away with the title on the cover....I didnt need to put all that..... why didnt I think to put just JYC 2010!!! Nevermind its done now lol. Ive made some pages & got lots of embellishments ready to use as & when I need them - I just hope that i can keep up with this one as it will be a lovely book to look at again over the years.
Im off to decide what photos to show you of my new kitchen (not quite complete but getting there!) so I'll blog again soon xx


  1. A gorgeous cover,Heather....and I love your use of the full title.I'll see you in class on this one.

  2. So glad you posted this. It's really helping me get my act in gear to see these starting to crop up in blogland.

  3. love your really lookinf forward to JYC


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