Saturday, 31 July 2010

A collage for Holly

On December 25th 2009 my niece Holly celebrated her 21st birthday. On Boxing Day the family gathered at my parents for the traditional meal of cold meat & chips & pickles ( it just isn't Christmas without it!). We all gave presents & cards to Holly ............. except me because in all the rush I had forgotten our birthday card!!!!!

Holly still teases me about it.

So I did the next best thing & created something from the card. I was lucky to get a lovely design for the background from a folder that I had at work. It was from a company called Five Dollar Shake who make the most exquisite greetings cards. I used the front cover of the folder & cut a wavy 'horizon' & stuck that to the pink back of the folder. I added some crystal flowers to the trees to give it a 3D effect. Then I cut out the figure of the young lady in the silver dress from the birthday card ............ the one that I forgot ......... & attached it to the 'scene' I had made. I love the background image of the little girl reaching up to post a letter - it reminds me of Ella!

The title 'Step Into our World' is really apt for Holly & her daughter :) ....... and a complete fluke!!

(There are some light reflections on the glass that makes the pink background look a bit untidy)

I loved doing this 'one-off' project & I am assured that Holly adores it too.
She still teases me about forgetting her birthday card though!!

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