Thursday, 18 March 2010

What a mess!!

Good grief!!! I know we probably really need new gas pipes but ..... too many purple barriers in one little road methinks!! The gas has been turned off since 7.30 this morning & it will be sometime this afternoon before we get it back on - thank goodness we aren't still in the chilly temperatures of a few weeks ago cos I would have made sure I was at work & not trying to enjoy a day off lol.
Maybe while they are digging they could look for
1. my motivation /mojo/get up & go
2. my marbles
3. the secret to eternal youth
Any more suggestions? I can ask them to look :)!!


  1. Wow thats quite a mess! BUT - my little boy would LOVE watching that all day :)

  2. Can you see if they can find a new bolier for me. Mine is broken, so like you, no heating!!

  3. Crikey! I see what you mean! If they come across any odd socks, that may answer the question of what my children do with theirs...

  4. What a dreadful mess!

    Could you please look for my housework fairy as I am sure I am supposed to have one and she seems to have flown away recently!

  5. Hi Heather ~ Thank you for visiting my blog! :o)

    I saw your photos and instantly thought of my street right now. The city is re-surfacing all the asphalt in our neighborhood and it is loud and dusty! Really bad thing is that I don't have to work this week and instead of enjoying peace and quiet...


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