Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Oooops I did it again!

I can't believe its a month nearly since I last blogged :(

But i'm not apologising......... nope.......well....... maybe just a little sorry ok?

I have spent most of today at my parents house & while I was there I spotted the pen drawing I did of the house that used to stand where their housing estate was built. Claremont house was old & gone to ruin and I remember seeing chickens in the uncared-for garden as a child when we sneaked a peek over the fence! The photo I copied to make the sketch was in an old local paper (I wish I still had it)
It must have been a beautiful house when it was cared for originally & such a shame that it had to go but the land it was sitting on was far more valuble as building land so it was sold to a developer sometime in the 1970's (?) & my parents moved there in 1986.


This was sketched in 1998 - obviously before I found scrapbooking/blogging/facebook!!!!

Be back soon xx


  1. Yay glad to see you posting again! I've missed seeing you around!

    What a great story and thats an amazing sketch!!! Wow!!

  2. A brilliant sketch....wish I could draw that well. It does seem a shame that so many beautiful old houses have made way for estates... but I s'pose they take up so much land....and cost so much to run.....and houses are needed.

  3. Yep, disgraceful... ;-) Welcome back!

    That's a lovely picture :-) Such a shame that beautiful old buildings like this are sacrificed for new build estates.... But then, I don't know where we'd all live otherwise! Ack, there is no easy answer, is there?


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