Thursday, 3 December 2009

Old Santa/ New Santa

I would like to introduce to you 2 Santa's who hang on my tree. The first is in the photo below & he is at least 40 years old (if not more). I have seen this Santa every Christmas for as long as I can remember as he belonged to my Mum before I claimed him as mine! He is made from metal & he is a bit bashed & missing some paint in certain areas but I love him & I would be quite upset if he ever disappeared.

The second Santa is brand new (well last years actually) & he is very brightly coloured & has been given an 'aged' look to try to look very old. I'm sure he will become just as loved in the future as the other Santa but theres no contest really is there!!


  1. It's all about the nostalgia for me too, I just hope that my kids will have those warm fuzzy memories. C x

  2. I love old decorations the best too! Our tree is usually groaning with decos because I can't bear not to use everything I have. Your tree looks great


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