Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hooray the tree is up!!

I know........... I'm an early bird for some people but I cannot wait............ so the tree HAD to go up on Sunday! Jake was so excited too - so much that I had to tell him to calm down as it was still November & what was he going to be like by Christmas Eve??!! My nerves cant stand it :)
Anyway, my excited son & I got his Daddy to fetch the tree & boxes from the attic & we spent the next hour or so ooohing & aaahing at all the things that we forget about for 11 months of the year! Jake pretended to be a tree with the angel on the top - I think he would make a great tree don't you?
I love decorating my Christmas tree but this year we didn't get to do the rest of the room as we went to my parents for lunch & by the time we got home again I couldn't summon up any enthusiasm. But today I finally finished everything & the house looks gorgeous at last!!

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  1. Oh, it's lovely :-) We're doing ours tomorrow and I'm so excited!! More so than the children even lol!


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