Tuesday, 6 October 2009

OMG! its October already?!!

Okay . . . . so I knew I would have trouble keeping this blog updated but August & September were completely ignored! I do have a good excuse though - My Mum broke her hip then decided that wasnt painful enough & fell again this time breaking her leg under the new pin in her thigh! She is finally at home recuperating & my Dad has become quite efficient at looking after the house & the cat & himself!!
My other excuse is that I joined an online class called 'Learn Something New Every Day' at Shimelle.com - We made a page for each day of September & showed what we had learned on each day. The pages were then put together to make a brilliant book to keep & look back on. I also made a lovely 'tagbook' of photos for Mum whilst she was in hospital which she loved (the nurses were very impressed too!!)

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