Thursday, 28 November 2013

Just because

This is my brother Peter and his girlfriend Tracey.
They have been together for more than 10 years.
They moved to near Cirencester, Gloucestershire (about 80 miles away) a few years ago where Peter found more landscaping work and Tracey carried on her nursing career in a local hospital.

I'm sure Tracey won't mind me mentioning that she had breast implants a few years back as a treat to herself as she was always conscious of her flat-chest.
They have dogs.
Unfortunately Barney (Peters dog) died a couple of years ago but they still have Bobby (Traceys dog) who is grey & shakey on her pins! They adopted two black Labradors from the Labradors Trust not long after Barney died so they now have two lunatics in their little 'family'!!

By the way thats as close to a smile on my brothers face as you will ever see & I think he was taken by surprise with this!

Earlier this year Tracey found a lump in her breast.
She had her breast implants & all surrounding tissue removed on both breasts and opted to have reconstuctive surgery at the same time.Unfortunately due to infection they also had to be removed. This year has been a steady round of treatments including chemo & radiotherapy and she is now due to see her specialist to discuss when they will have her in to remove her ovaries. This is standard procedure as apparently the cancer feeds on oestrogen.

Peter & Tracey live too far away for a 'quick visit' and we don't tend to keep in touch much anyway but I wanted to tell you about them as I do love them & miss them.

And I admire Tracey so much. Her parents bought her a gorgeous wig but I don't think she ever wore it :) Her hair is now quite spikey though she is not too happy that its 'salt & pepper' colours!!

Life can be such a bitch sometimes. Stay strong Tracey xx


  1. What a lovely post about someone who clearly means so much to you. Hoping that she continues to do well.

  2. Catching up with you. This is a really lovely post. I wish them both a happy and peaceful Christmas and you too of course.


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