Friday, 31 May 2013

Just a Quote For Friday

My blog-friend Deb at Paper Turtle has been posting a quote on a Friday for quite some time.
Just a simple quote often accompanied by a photo of something in her garden (sorry back yard!) or of her dog or one of her turtles.
A thought rather than a story.
So when she suggested that maybe people would like to join her today and take one her favourite photos and add a quote and maybe a bit of photo editing well I think I was one of the first to send her an email saying "yes please!!"
The photo in question is one of Debs patio umbrella. I found a suitable quote and then on Picmonkey I added it to the photo. Just a couple of 'tweaks' and it was done.

I love the sunflare!


  1. Heather! I love this! Love the sun flare and the quote you've used. I really need to check out Picmonkey. Thanks so much for joining in today. This makes me so happy! :o)

  2. great quote to match the photo and sunflare

  3. What a nice quote (and a fabulous job with Picmonkey,,isn't it genius?!)


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