Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Goodness! Its the 7th of December already & this is the first blog this month ..... eek!!

We (in the UK) have all had snow in various depths over the last couple of weeks. I love snow :) but now we seem to be stuck with old snow that cant thaw yet because of the crazy air temperatures. Yesterday & last night we had freezing fog & we woke to a beautiful 'winterscape' with everything covered in an amazing hoar frost. I couldnt resist taking some photos on the way back from taking Jake to school this morning but I didnt hang around too long!! Brrrrr
The pools are frozen over still - I wonder where do the ducks & geese go??
The downside of all this prettiness is the paths are now treacherous so I walked on the roads where I could!! Or failing that tried to keep on the snow on the grass where it isnt compacted. I managed to maintain my dignity thank goodness & stayed upright lol :))
Sadly (but predictably) Im already behind with my JYC project :(( though I do hope to find some time tomorrow before I go to work.
Hope you all stay vertical on the pavements xx :)

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  1. Wow, stunning photos - but yes, however beautiful it is to look at, it doesn't feel very safe to walk in!


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